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Your Clever Password Will Betray You (Probably)

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With the never-ending attempts of fraudsters to gain access to your personal and financial information, a strong password for all your internet accounts is essential.  Password123 or Michael78 simply doesn't cut it.  With a bit of information about you, a hacker can often employ intelligent guessing to gain access to your accounts and computing devices.

In an effort to prevent this, many websites require complex passwords, containing combinations of upper-case, lower-case, symbols, and digits, leaving you frustrated and headed for the 'Forgot Password?' links. Eventually, you figure out a clever password that is, strong, complex, meets all the requirements, and can be remembered.  That's great! Unfortunately, you're still vulnerable.

Why One Great Password IS NOT Enough

Using the same password across all your accounts can get you in trouble a couple of ways.  First, in the event that your password is compromised, you'll have given the master key away, providing hackers access to all your accounts.  Secondly, if you're fortunate enough to know you've been hacked, you'll be forced to change the password on every account.

"But it's a really great password.  How will they ever guess it", you ask?

They won't need to guess.  You'll likely hand it over (accidentally) by way of some phishing scheme, or they will get it from your service providers' unsecured database of accounts. How often do you hear a story about hackers gaining access to a bunch of credit card numbers from some large company?  Password storage and security has improved recently, but still often lags behind that of credit cards.  Using the same password for all your accounts is not a practice we recommend.

How One Great Password CAN BE Enough

LastPass or another password manager like 1Password, Keeper, Blur, or Sticky Password solve these issues by providing a software application that runs in your web browser and on your phone.  With ONE password, you can generate and store strong, unique passwords for each of your internet accounts.  Once you save a password in the application, it's safe, secure, and always available for one click and automatic logins.

We use LastPass and recommend you do too.

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