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the brothers sacket

Circa '85

We are the brothers Sacket, the founders of GammaStream, and we love to make things! Now, we specialize in full-stack web development, but it all started when we were young boys building forts with bits and pieces from around the yard. To protect said forts, our creativity expanded towards constructing all manner of booby traps. We next imagined building airplanes from old lawn mowers and even jumped off a balcony with a homemade parachute! (We're still convinced it slowed our descent.)

Circa '17

After spending most of junior high and high school in the mowing business, we decided it was time to build something else. In 1997, we started Mijer Web Productions and began making websites on an all-in-one Macintosh computer. By 2001, we had built several dozen websites, so we incorporated as GammaStream and moved our offices from Aline, our hometown, to the iTower in Fairview, OK. Since then, life has moved us around from time to time, but our main office is still in Fairview.

Our Mission

Today, our mission is to create websites and applications that make our customers happy. We want the process to be simple, hassle-free, and at a great value so that in the end, you can smile and exclaim, "Yes! I love it!"

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