Target Acquired

Target Acquired

Target Acquried is an eBay searching tool.  It will keep searching for new items based on your keywords.  Auctions it find will be printed in the console window and passed to an optional external command.  Requires a Java Runtime Enviroment.

Download Target Acquired 1.0



Go to the Target Acquired Folder and type the following:

java -jar TargetAcquired.jar

You can set options with flags.

  • -sandbox: Set to True to use eBay Sandbox
  • -keywords: Keyword you want to search for. You can search for mulitple sets of keywords by delimiting them with commas
  • -count: How many results do you want to be returned.
  • -command: What is the command you want the items to be passed to.

If you use the results on your website, please follow eBay policies and add the "Right Now on eBay" logo.


The command that is passed in can be anything that you can run via a command line.  This gives you complete control on how to use the items Target Acquired finds.  Target Acquired will pass 2 args to your command: the keyword and the file to the JSON of the item.

Example PHP pseudo program to email item found:

$keyword = $argv[1];
$json_file = $argv[2];
$json = file_get_contents($json_file);
$item = json_decode($json);
//If the item is less than $500, email me.
  $subject=$item.title" found on eBay";
  $message = $item.title." was found at the current price of ".$item.sellingStatus.currentPrice.value."\n";
  $message = $message." Item can be found at: ".$item.viewItemURL;