Harmony with Disparate Data

The variety of data sets available to educators provides a great opportunity for improving student learning. But, do you find yourself asking these questions:

  • How do you make sense of them all?
  • How do you analyze OCCT, NWEA, DIBELS, PSAT, and others to complete the picture of student performance?
  • Where do I go again to find those test scores!?

This is the problem Comprehend was built to address with its trademark simplicity and ability to report on disparate data sets simultaneously.

Comprehend in Action

The Comprehend interface allows teachers and administrators to view ALL assessment data within a standardized interface.  Simply, 1) select the data set you would like to view, 2) filter the data based on selected fields such as ELL or Year, and 3) generate a report.  Reports are updated live as you modify filters so it's easy to compare with a click of the mouse.  Finally, with Comprehend's integrated standard system, you won't have to dig-up the exact standard definitions.  Instead, they are available within the context of Comprehend and its multiple reports.