Arch Learning Community Management System

Developed in collaboration with the Aurora Learning Community Association, Arch is an online learning system capable of creating and deploying online courses, creating and assessing student progress through online and paper benchmarks, and reporting via standards-based report cards.

Arch includes tight integration with:

  • A Learning Management System (i.e., Planner, grade management, course delivery).
  • A Content Management System (e.g., virtual locker for 20 different types of resources including eBooks).
  • Comprehend's Data Warehouse.
  • Standards Mapping (Unwrapping standards and wrapping them around educational resources and strategies).
  • Assessment Management (development and delivery of formative and benchmark tests, rubrics, and portfolios).
  • Curriculum Management (development and delivery of activities, learning tasks and units).

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Comprehend is a web-based application used to analyize student performance data. Its trademark is its simplicity. Various testing data sets can be analyzed affording educators a greater depth of understanding of what testing is really saying about students' learning. The application was developed based on direct input from district administrators and has continued to evolve through user input.

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SpriteMason makes it easy to produce CSS Sprites for your web projects.

Target Acquired

Target Acquired is an eBay search tool.  As it finds new listing, you can have an external command to process the items.

Requires a Java Runtime Enviroment.

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QUID (Quick UI Development)

Building upon various JavaScript libraries including jQuery and jQuery-UI, QUID provides a set of tools for quickly developing web application interfaces.  The framework is highlighted by the new QUID Grid component for turning standard html tables into fixed-header, fixed-column, scrollable tables: