About Us

What We Do

Founded in 1997 by brothers Michael and Jeremy Sacket, GammaStream is a web application and software development company with offices in Fairview, OK and Ponca City, OK.  We provide a range of services focusing on web-based applications to create and analyze school district data for improving instruction and student learning.  In the ever-changing landscape of education, it is through their use of agile development practices, that GammaStream is often able to address a district’s needs within days instead of months.

How We Got Here

As a freshman in college and a junior in high school, Michael and Jeremy had grown weary of their usual source of income, mowing yards.  So, with an all in one Macintosh computer, a 56k modem and the name Mijer Web Productions, they set about the task of learning to build web pages.  It wasn’t long before they were contacted by Robert Amato of New Orleans Website Services and began building web sites for businesses in that area.

In 2000 Mijer Web Productions incorporated as GammaStream Technologies, Inc. and moved its office to its current location in Fairview, OK.